There have been several times we’ve been out in Crystal City somewhere and decided we needed a little more entertainment than watching depressed U of Georgia fans at the Sports Pub want to hang themselves after realizing their team is overrated yet again by the national media. That’s when we head over to Crystal City Restaurant. I’ve always liked these places that name themselves something mundane. Like when a bar name’s themselves The Office or The Boardroom. Or Crystal City Restaurant. I’ve always thought it’s so some husband can truthfully tell his wife “Hi honey, I’ll be home late tonight as I’m still at The Office.” Crystal City Restaurant sounds like a regular place to eat, and I’m sure many people have been fooled by the name and walked in expecting steak. It’s safe to say that they were instead met by a pretty large helping of roast beef.

CCR doesn’t get the prettiest girls, they have to wear pasties, and the beers are $7. But the strippers really try to make up for this with gusto on the stripper pole. CCR is owned by the same owner as the Sports Pub, so the food is nearly identical. Meaning slightly above average for bar food.

One plus about CCR is that you won’t pay an arm and a leg to go there. Maybe we’re cheap, but a roll of 1′s can go a long way here.

David K.

Date 1/29/2009