1.How old do I need to be to enter ?

All guests must be at least Twenty-One and over with Valid ID.

2.Can I use my Cell phone in the Club ?

You may use your phone to make and texts. You May NOT use the phone for videos or pictures inside the club.

3.Do I have to buy anything ?

Yes. You must purchase a beverage or food to enjoy our show throughout the day or evening.

4.Does Crystal City Restaurant Gentlemen’s Club serve food ?

Yes. We have an extensive menu that offers breakfast, lunch and dinner.

5.Can I smoke at Crystal City Restaurant?

Yes, we have a premiere smoking lounge. We offer cigars and cigarettes on site.

6.Can I reserve a table?

“Yes we encourage large parties to do so. We have Smoking & non-smoking tables available.”

7.Is there a cover charge?

No, We welcome you to come in and our Food or Drink.