How can I write this review with out sounding like a pervert. The answer is I can’t. So for this review just think of me as a dirty, dirty, old man. And as a dirty old man there are two things I love. Seeing pretty young things in next to nothing doing things that could earn them Gold medals in a different situation, and getting the best value for my greenbacks.

With no cover, super cheap food specials, and $6 dark beers CCR is like a prototype for my fantasy island, and if it had a goddamned Nintendo I would probably never leave. Because they can’t just cop out and just show you “the goods” the ladies here have actually developed talents and stage presence making them enjoyable to watch for more than obvious reasons. I was quite frankly impressed and for the first time didn’t feel like I was getting bilked at one of these places. So for any of you whippersnappers thinking you might enjoy a show, come on in grab a drink, maybe a meal, and a seat up front with ole grandpa (on account of my glaucoma). I guarantee you will enjoy it.

Khalib B.

Date 2/24/2010