YEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSS! We came back on Monday. I know, I know. How terrible can we really be? Fact is I was craving a gyro, and so was my boyfriend so we made our way here to get some grub.

This particular night was actually better than Saturday night. Would you believe that? Big booty broads were rocking out this night, and had my boyfriend reeling. I plopped us both in front of the stage to eat and enjoy the entertainment. Our server was a bit spotty, but I think that is probably because she was expecting to serve of drinks only and not get food.

About 20 minutes in is when we got our food orders. I got a gyro with a baked potato, and J got a gyro with fries. I didn’t particularly find the fries that appetizing, and a baked potato on all levels was a bad idea to put with that meal. What was I thinking? Even though the baked potato was good, I shouldn’t have done that. Oh well. As far as the gyro goes — it was extremely tasty. I really liked the meat that was on it.

Do I need to elaborate on the entertainment again? I stated what I thought earlier. You get the point…. We will probably return next week just by our luck when his parents are in town for the holidays.

Mary Kate A.

Date 12/20/2012