If you’re looking for a laid back kind of guys night out, a place to start of or end a night, this is the place. I don’t think it has enough vibe to serve as the primary hangout/party night spot but as a supplement it’s great. The dancers are about a B average in looks, not pushy and do decent routines. On Saturday night about 12 girls rotated time on the two stages for one song stints. Food was good and very inexpensive and the beers were cold. They have several flatscreens with various sporting events playing..The girls were mostly white, a few latinas and one black and to my disappointment, no Asians. I mean, no Asians in Arlington, sucks as I have the fetish. Anyway, they also have a sectioned off smoking section partitioned with glass so non-smokers like myself don’t have to leave smelling like a pack newports. Patrons went from old business type white dudes, grungy biker looking white dudes, scary serial killer white dudes, preppy black dudes and average young folks out on dates. It’s an interesting little place situated between a 7-11 and a Chinese carryout right off Route 1. There’s no cover so you lose nothing going to check it out. I highly recommend giving it a look.

Nomadic T.

Date 12/22/2012