I use to go frequently, with Friday nights being the day of choice to go, since I was off from work for the week and a co-worker and I were very familiar to those who worked there. It is the best and cleanest place to go to and I visited a few places of “entertainment”. I am a stickler on the cleanliness piece, so once I found one that like, such as CCR, then I would go there alot. The whole staff is a gem and very friendly, where Management as well as Entertainers would come up and speak and carry conversation. It did not matter what they were doing they would make sure to at least acknowledge and know your name, and that is a big plus in the competitive world that they have. The drinks are reasonably priced and the atmosphere is fine…food is good the few times I ordered (there is a veggie plate that I love). What I love most about CCR is that the Entertainers are very smart and are a joy to talk with. Most are educated and street savy as well, and that makes for a winning combination. I dont go to other places of Entertainment because of this and the atmosphere. I don’t want a lap dance or women who want to be totally nude, always leave something for the imagination. Trust me it will keep you coming back. Parking is not bad, you just have to park across the street at the BB&T, but make sure you park after 6:30 pm or it will get towed and there is a “Pay and Park” diagonal from CCR which is reasonably priced.

I have become chummy with a few and as with any place, we all have our “favorites”, and I am no exception. It is easy for the staff at CCR to become like family to you and that is the way it should be. I always take care of family because they deserve it. I miss them and definitely will be back but Law School and work keeps me on the go, so I dont get to go as much as I used to. hopefully that will all change in the future. I love them…

Make sure you stop there!!!! You will definitely enjoy the experience.

Ed J.

Date 8/13/2009